Growing up in Los Angeles California, Teddy (Redsun) Orii spent his formative years in a home where violence, drugs and alcohol were part of his everyday life. He often would resort to climbing onto the roof of his own house, just to escape the terrifying things that would take place there. When he was nine years old an elderly man in his neighborhood felt led to share the Gospel with Teddy.  Upon praying the prayer of salvation, the wind of the Holy Spirit physically blew through the house, violently moving the window curtains, and obviously marking Teddy for a future work in God.


When Teddy was 17 he moved to Oklahoma where he was introduced to his Native American roots and culture. He started to attend the local Powwows and was inspired to write poetry to the beat of the Native drum. He began to receive invitations to perform, what can only be described as a unique blend of Native American poetry and contemporary Rap.  Some say Teddy’s blended style became a bridge between generations.


Being further inspired, Teddy longed to tell his story to a larger audience, so he moved to the Hollywood area to make a five-song demo and introduce himself to the industry. Unfortunately, due to his upbringing and his negative associations during this season of his life, Teddy had a battle with alcohol that culminated in 3 DUI’s and two near fatal accidents. But the hand of God was still on Teddy and God spoke to Teddy that alcohol would destroy his destiny. This led to a recommitment of purpose, and Teddy is currently in his eleventh year of sobriety!

At this time the invitations to perform were coming from Oklahoma, so Teddy returned to perform at the Cherokee Heritage Center, various Powwows and the local Casino circuit, which ultimately led to the first big budget Native American music video in 2006. For this video, Teddy ‘Redsun’ received the best new artist of the year award and a featured original song on Showtime Network T.V. called ‘Going Native’!


Today, Teddy ‘Redsun’ has just finished a double album CD with special guest and Grammy nominated singer Kathy Sledge, to be released this month to the Glory of God!


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