Hey guys, it’s Teddy Redsun,

I just want to share something with you that I am really excited about, something that I have been working on in addition to my music, it’s a children’s book that is scheduled for release this November 2017.


It’s kind of a blend of fiction and non-fiction, my personal journey mixed with allegorical truth. Proverbs 22:6; tells us that if we train up our children in the ways that they should go, when they are older, they will not depart from those ways! It has been scientifically determined that ages 1-5 are the most critical for establishing a healthy neurological framework, just like laying a good foundation for a house you intend to build, if the foundation is flawed, the house you build upon it will be weak. This is why I created this book; I want to build a stronghold of hope in the heart of every young person who reads it. If our children understood that they were created for a purpose by a loving God, one who wants to empower them to succeed, then they would have the tools to resist the depression that would come to steal their destiny. I really believe that this book will be a valuable resource to both parents and schools. 

Introducing - Teddy Redsun "Bringing the Message" - Children's Book